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Benzos Rehab Success Stories

Man with arms reaching out"I have never felt so good about anything in my life. Completing the Narconon Program was the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. I had great wins and realizations. I realize that I have to give back, instead of always taking. When I got to Narconon I was a criminal. Now I am a productive member of the group of mankind. I touched on a lot of issues while I was here. I am grateful and can honestly say I am confident that I am going to succeed. Thank you Narconon Louisiana staff for saving my life!"

"We just wanted to express our thanks to you for the work you are doing; we have seen a great change in "K" that even "K" didn't think was possible. Before we brought "K" there we all were feeling very hopeless and that there was no help for us. Thank you again, and thank you for the dinner on Easter, it was great.

Man with arms reaching out"I realize that I am walking away from a life of bad character and moving towards a life of happiness. I am now able to confront myself and my past and control the direction my life is going. I feel I can handle the obstacles in my life and not create a bunch of new ones. I am willing and interested in life now. I give more weight to learning more in the future. I don't know everything, and feel I need to continue to exercise my mind and open my heart. I am so very grateful to everyone for their help and guidance on this path."


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